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The TVIX HD-N1  supports playback of a variety of video and audio formats/ Shaped like a coffee cup, the TVIX HD-N1 (cafe') is truly something to have. This player has already won may awards worldwide and it is a great performer.

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Welcome to Media Now the home of the Total Digital Media Solution (TDMS).

This site has been established to provide you with products that will make it easier to manage home entertainment such as viewing, recording and time-shifting Digital TV, playing music, movies and other video files, viewing photos, converting old VHS tapes to digital files, recording from external source (eg Foxtel IQ) or your camcorders, streaming media, etc.

All of this with one box, one remote - a total digital media solution.

How to?

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Over the next couple of months, we will be bringing you guides on how-to record Digital TV, analog TV, operate your TDMS and share media over a network, and more..

If you have a guide you want to submit to us, please post it on our forums and if it's appropriate, we will publish it.

You are advised to also read our support page, before proceeding.