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Welcome to Media Now the home of the Total Digital Media Solution (TDMS).

This site has been established to provide you with products that will make it easier to manage home entertainment such as viewing, recording and time-shifting Digital TV, playing media such as music and video files, viewing photos, converting old VHS tapes to digital files, recording from external source (eg Foxtel IQ) or your camcorders, streaming media, etc.

All of this with one box, one remote - a total digital media solution.

Media Now is owned by Renura Enterprises Pty Ltd., an Australian Company that has been operating since 1994. We are located in Canberra, the Capital of Australia.

Renura Enterprises Pty Ltd is a family owned investment and trading company. Since the late nineties it has has been involved in digital TV technology, in particular in relation to convergence of consumer electronics and personal computers.

We have been enthusiastic participants and supporters of the development of the HTPC (Home Theatre Personal Computer) and of PC based digital television solutions, for a number of years.

Since the beginning of Digital TV broadcasting in Australia we worked very hard to achieve our major goal of bringing a computer based DVB-T (HDTV) solution to Australian enthusiasts. We believe we have done this through our DigitalNow web site.

We are now working towards bringing Australia the Total Digital Media Solution (TDMS).

All our products are fully certified as complying with the relevant standards and carry our C-Tick label