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Please ensure that you have the relevant information for your product before you contact support.

This information includes your products model number, network configuration, the actual problem and other relevant information to your setup.

You are encouraged to visit our forums and read the manual and any guides before emailing for support.

Please note:

You are strongly advised to read any available professional and user reviews, read the manuals ask questions in the various forums and to the manufacturers if necessary, to make yourself fully aware of the strength and weaknesses of the various devices we supply on this site.

Like all new leading edge stuff, these devices may inevitably have flaws or require bug fixes, etc that will require firmware upgrades to fully perform certain functions and or at a certain quality levels.

We try and select what we think is the best there is in the market (and which we can get for you)  but nothing is perfect and we'd rather you not buy a product if you are unsure about its suitability for your needs, than be unhappy with your purchase.


Please read the specs of each device carefully before purchasing, and if you are not sure you can ask in our forums for any clarification you may want before purchasing.

We believe all the devices we sell are top class products from the quality and relative performance point of view, however not all of them have the same features or functionality, therefore, as noted above, it is wise to do some research before purchasing, read about them here as well as the manufacturers websites.

To assist you make a preliminary choice, we have tabled each of the products against the main functionality that differentiates them, please read on.

Product comparison

DVICO TViX HD N1 Popcorn Hour
MNP-101 DVICO TviX 6600a Popcorn Hour A-200 Popcorn Hour C-200
ChipsetRealtek Sigma 863x Realtek 1073 Realtek 1283 Sigma 864x Sigma 864x
Ethernetyesyes yes yes yes yes
WifiOptional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
UPnPyesyes yes yes yes yes
HDMI1.3 1.3 1.3 1.3 1.3 1.3
Supports 1080p yesyes yes yes yes yes
Plays RMVB filesyesno yes yes no no
Plays M2TS filesyesyes yes yes yes yes
Plays DVD ISO yes yes yes yes yes yes
Plays FLV filesyesno yes yes no no
MKV H. 264yesyes yes yes yes yes
SPDIF pass throughyesyes yes yes yes yes
DTS Downmixyesyes no yes yes yes
DVB-T tunernono no Dual Tuner no no
Timeshifting Not Applicable Not Applicable Not Applicable yes Not Applicable Not Applicable
Analogue AV capture nono no no no no
Internet Media servicesyesyes no yes yes yes
Supports Internal hard disk noyes no yes yes yes
Supports Internal BD-ROMnono no no no yes
Our Prices$129 $199 $99 $299 $229 $379